Sending a mandate through email

When you want to send a mandate through email you will need to POST a JSON object like below to /v2/Mandate:

  "PaymentReference": "123456",
  "Description": "my description",
  "Address": {
    "Email": ""
  "SequenceType": "Recurring",
  "ToDate": "2020-05-24T11:10:17.7245913Z",
  "AmountType": "Open",
  "MaximumAmount": 5400,
  "Communication": [
      "Channel": "Email",
      "MessageStatus": "All",
      "MandateStatus": "All"

This will result in a request that gives the sender the mandate to make a one-time withdrawal of a maximum of 54 euros, before May 24th 2020. The Swagger docs give a full overview of the different options and statuses.

It is important to note that the PaymentReference field can be 36 characters, but most payment providers only allow a maximum of 16 characters, so we advice to keep it below that.

The Description field has a maximum of 32 characters.